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When you are looking for a nail salon that can cater to your needs, look no further than us here at California Pro Nails! Your nails are one of your favorite features, and our technicians can assist you in giving them the spa treatment. We also make sure that our stylists are on top of current trends, ensuring you are the forefront of what’s hot in the beauty world!

We offer a variety of manicure treatments here at our nail salon that makes sure your nails are clean, trimmed, and filed to excellence. Experience our gel nail manicures with the polish and color of your choice along with a variety of designs to give your digits some personality!


Do your nails look like you just went through boot-camp? Or are you in desperate need of a file to avoid cracked and chipped nail beds? If you are experiencing any of these issues or more, our incredible manicure services will have your nails back in prime condition in no time!

Our talented technicians will style your nails in all the latest designs and techniques. We offer a wide variety of manicure styles for you to choose from, and with our services, your nails will be trimmed, filed and polished to perfection!


Throughout your day-to-day activities, your feet can be put through the ringer! Walking in heels all day, rushing to grab that last minute cup of coffee before work, and even running on the treadmill will have your go-to modes of transportation in need of some TLC! Here at California Pro Nails, we will treat you to one of our luxurious pedicures, and give you the attention you deserve.

We have a variety of pedicure options, all of which are designed to give your feet some much-needed love and pampering, nail bed care and so much more. We hold a standard with all of our customers to make you feel like the center of attention, and to have your feet and toes feel smooth as silk on your pedicure is finished.


If you are tired of endless fills, cracked nail beds and damaged fingers then it’s time to switch to unparalleled Gel Nails! Gel nails are designed to deal with everyday activities without peeling or chipping like regular polish, and lasts much longer than a standard manicure. With gel, your nails will feel revamped, pampered and lavished with attention!

With a plethora of color and style options, gel nails can be adapted for any occasion and any style you would want them designed in. With this manicure option, your nails will retain their ‘just-done’ look for much longer, saving you time and money in the long run!


Our studio offers many different beauty treatments to our clients, and one of our most extensive is our waxing services. Our skilled and dedicated staff will make sure you get the royal treatment and that your skin will be silky-smooth for competitive prices!

Our technicians are very skilled and experienced in this style of salon treatment. We will make sure that the removal is done to your specifications, and with as little discomfort as possible in the process. With our help, you can finally have the smooth, flawless skin that you have always wanted!